Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jadie Jones: Thunderous Blog Tour - My Turn!!

Jadie Jones: Thunderous Blog Tour - My Turn!!: When author J.M. Schroder put out the call for participants in the Thunderous Blog Tour, I jumped at the chance to learn a little more a...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Black Lace Re-Vamped

The Author:

 A native Bulgarian, J.V.K. spent her youth studying foreign languages. Education has always been, and still is, a big part of her life. She achieved her first bachelor degree when she was seventeen while still at school. Now, she is a college student in her second year with a future ambition as an economist.
She spends her free time writing, reading, drawing or watching amines. Music is also a huge part of her life. 

She loves technologies and graphic programs.

'Black Lace' is her first book to be published, a fascinating dark paranormal fantasy, which is the gripping first part in her 'Paths of the spirit' series. Since her release of Black Lace, she has additionally published a collection of short stories, novellas and poetry.

V.K has a steady following of loyal fans who have been swept away by her creativity and original style. Her writing has been described as spellbinding and new and refreshing.
 If you like her writing, she would love for you share your thoughts with her.

"The Pride will separate the Death, and the Vow will bring the wrath of the Rei." Red Moon, Path's of the Spirit series #2

What People are saying about it

J.V.K really developed a story line that was strong and very gripping; it catches your attention and has instances that you can relate to in real life, she builds a reality that is not only believable but also encouraging, as her story Black Lace is really all about free choice.

–Paranormal Reads

Vivian is not your average female character. She is no damsel in distress for sure, but she does suffer from some major mood swings and some temper issues. She isn't one that needs rescuing, except from maybe herself. This book has vampires, werewolves and a few other creatures, but doesn't follow the same style as most books in this genre. If you are looking for something different that has action and some heated moments, this is the read for you. 

Mystical World of Book Reviews

What a deliciously dark and twisted love story! Brilliantly complex characters pull you in and keep you captivated. Just when you think it can't get any better, the author takes you back to scenes and replays the treasures that you missed! The beginning of an amazing series...a must-read indeed!” – Kristy Bueno

Black Lace is a truly original read. I have yet to read another 'vampire' book quite like it. The originality lies directly in the uniqueness of the plot and storyline. It weaves and twists so quickly, and generally has a very fast pace, so much so that I was out of breath keeping up.” 

– Bex ‘n’ Books

At eighteen years old, she’s a girl whose biggest problem is which gun to take when she goes out at night. Particularly small and apathetic, and heir to a wealthy family, she was promised in marriage to one of the last pure-blooded vampires. Beholden, she must comply with the laws of the Council, headed by her future father-in-law. Rei keeps her secrets fiercely and doesn't allow anyone near her easily. She is the ‘watchdog’ of the order of Raven, Town Utopia, for creatures who broke off from the known evolution and who seek asylum. the Raven, she is the law: judge, jury and executioner.
‘Black Lace’ is a breathtaking story about ‘free’ choice, love and a young woman’s struggle to find her place in a fierce world. This is an exciting and extraordinary story of love and betrayal, one that will leave you captivated and desperately seeking more.
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Giveaway Info
1st SWAG Pack: Black Lace & Red Moon stickers
2nd SWAG Pack: Black Lace & Red Moon bookmarks
3rd SWAG Pack: 2 Forbidden Bookmarks
4th SWAG Pack: Black Lace & Red Moon bookmarks plus Black Lace, Red Moon and Forbidden mini posters

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Blak Rayne Blog: Thunderstorm - J.M. Schroder

Blak Rayne Blog: Thunderstorm - J.M. Schroder: What genre do your currently write? And, is there a genre you'd like to write, but haven't tried yet? The only genre that I have writ...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

My first live INTERVIEW.....Please come join the fun.

This is my first live interview. Come and enjoy the fun.

Go here and Register.

Here is the link to the interview on Monday, January 21, 2012 it  is at 6:00 P.M.

To Join here on Monday

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Snippet - (Non-edited)Teaser : I watch her as she walks through the Garden alone. I think about how she deserves all the happiness I have to offer her. “Lilith, how is the child growing in you today.” I came down beside her, she could hear me but could not see me, it did not seem to bother her at all, she was so at ease with her surroundings and she was used to Yahweh talking to her in this fashion. “Hello, my lord, it is nice to hear your voice.” She said in her soft sweet voice it was pleasant to hear. “The babe is moving as though she wants out already.” “So you think the babe is a female?” I ask so that I can hear her voice it is like the sweetest melody in heaven or on earth. “Yes and her name shall be Isis.” She said with so much confidence. “And if it is a boy?” I asked. “It is not a boy.” She said, “I will never carry a son. I shall only have females.” It shocked me that she didn’t think that she could have a male child, I was curious to why she would say something like that, her reasoning. But should I ask. Do I want to know her reasoning? “So you shall never have a male.” I stated matter-of-fact like. “You’ll be a mother to females only? Then how shall your children reproduce, if there are no males?” “The will find men outside the Garden of course.” She responded in the same manner as I had. “Why will they not marry the men that God provides them?” I asked becoming confused but very interested in what she had to say. “Because we will not be in this Garden for much longer. And my daughter’s children…” she hesitated. “They’ll have to save the world from what God is to create next.” She answered. “What is God going to create next?” I asked shocked that she is saying these things. How is it she can see things that not even God knows yet? “I don’t know yet, but the mother has told me that Yahweh will create something that shall turn so wicked it will cause the down fall of each and every one of God’s creation.” She explained as she continued down the path that she was walking, like none of this even bothered or concerned her. “You are not scared of these things that you are saying?” I stuttered, “You do not fear what shall become or happen to you or your children?” “No why should I be, you will protect me always and so will the mother.” She said so matter of fact like that it astonished me. I was excited by her statement. She thought of me as her protector, but before I revel in it too much she interrupted my thought by continuing her thought. “Along with Yahweh,” she finished. “Yes we’ll always protect you from any evil that wishes to harm you.” I said a little deflated at not being the only one she thought as her protector. “My Angel Michael, why do you talk to me so often? Why do you seek me out? Don’t you have duties to your God to fulfill?” she asked very boldly. “My duty is to watch over you and all of God’s creatures.” I answered. “Then why is it that I always feel you near me, it is like you never leave me?” She asked with a smile on her beautiful lips. “It’s because I find you the most interesting and intriguing, but my lovely Eve. But right now I do have to leave you and report to our God on your thoughts.” “When we speak again, I shall have more questions there is so much I would love to know and learn.” She continued down the path. I watched her for a few more moments as she walked away loving the way her hips swayed gracefully side to side so alluring and beautiful. “I know you are still there Michael, go do your duty.” She said with a laugh. I jumped at her declaration, knowing she could not see me and the hearing her melodic laugh. I left with a smile and a warm heart. I know as I went to approach Yahweh to tell him everything I had learned that he would already know of it, but I wasn’t sure he would know what Lilith thought in that beautiful and very intelligent head of hers. I transported myself to the heavens, missing the presence of her loving smile. Entering the halls of Yahweh’s great Fortress in the heavens it always took my breath away. But it was now losing its appeal as I thought about Lilith’s beauty in comparison. I ushered myself into the throne room of Yahweh own personal dwelling area. Bowing deeply before the throne, “My Lord, may it please you can I have a moment of your time?” “Yes Angel, what is it that you have to tell me?” he answered his voice echoing off the walls of his intricately designed walls. The etching in the walls lay out the designs of the Universe and the worlds beyond a guide to creation and the layouts of the other Gods’ creatures. Coming to sit on the before Yahweh I thought carefully about how I would express my feelings without putting them in the forefront so that I did not seem to excited at the fact that Lilith and Adam would not be as Yahweh had wanted them. “What is it that has you so twisted into rings of turmoil as to make is so you are not comfortable in speaking with me?” Yahweh questioned me lovingly and it reassured me that what I had to say would not make my Lord unhappy. “Lilith, she is still walking the Garden alone, has Adam not missed his spouse.” I said but it seemed more as a question then a statement. “Adam is not pleased with Lilith, she does not appeal to him and she will not submit to his will.” He answered.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My first blog tour starts soon

I am so new to this world and it amazes me that most of the indie authors I have met are so friendly and love to give out helpful hints to get me on the right path.  Lisa Morgan , Carrie Ann Ryan, and Dawn White have been more than happy to tell me how things are done.  Tamara Beard is another I would love to thank she has been priceless. I would not know half the things about promotion without that lovely lady.

This post is basically to tell all of you in this world that I have talked to and talked about.  You have made it all worth.  The people that buy the books, the ones who give advice, I would not have made it without all of you.  So what I want to say is a big thank you.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Book Trailer

This is done by a very great and talented lady.  Cheree Crump she works for the Talented Ms. Tamara Beard.  If you need a book trailer done.  Go check them out on http://theindieshop.blogspot.com/

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day in my busy, busy life.

Day in my life.  Well my days starts at usually 5:30 a.m.  Not during vacation time but normal every other day.  I wake, get ready for the day.  Well that basically starts out making myself my very own Raspberry Mocha Breve.  Yes a carry over to the book if you have read it.  LOL.  Then I head out for school.

School you say, how old are you anyway.  Well I am 40, just turned.  Wow that is amazing I can't believe I am actually 40.  I always thought that was so old.  But it does not feel like it. As I drink my delicious coffee, I brush hair, which actually I can't stand, I wish I could cut is short again.  But I just happened to make an agreement with my husband to grow it out.  I get it to my waist I can cut it off.  I have 6 more inches.  So I have forever to go.  I apply very little make and then it is time to head out.  Not much in my preparation to get out of the house.

I jump into my 74' VW Bug. Which I love.  She is a beautiful yellow and purple.  One of a kind lady.  She rumbles to life, well most of the time.  She is sometimes temperamental and it takes a couple of tries, but she is my baby.  (Secret...She will be in Drina's book.)  I drive the 25 miles to school, again with the school.  I am going to school to be court reporter.

Yes a court reporter, one of those interesting people that you see tapping away at this funny looking machine taking down everything that is said from anyone who talks in the court room.  But they do so much more.  You know the closed captioning you see on the TV during life broadcasts, well guess what that is a court reporter. Why you ask would you ever choose that?  Well the honest answer, because of the money, but also because it is a challenge.

I am at school from 7:30 to 12:30 everyday, Monday through Friday, I come home and then depending on appointments that I may have decides whether or not I write.  What appointments you ask?  Well I am a mobile notary.  A mobile notary is notary that meets or goes to peoples homes.  I am also certified to do loan signings, for home refinances and home purchases.  That is where most of my work comes in.  I do on average 3 to 4 a week.  Not many now since I am a full-time student, but enough to support my family.  Well not really but it gets us by.

If I am not taking those kind of appointments I take other type.  I help people (mostly seniors) acquire their  Durable Medical Equipment.  I help them to improve their quality life.  I don't sell the scooters, or bed, or oxygen.  What I help them with is knee braces that help them walk without pain.  They are therapeutic braces, not the painful ones.  Arthritic gloves that decrease the pain of their arthritis, so that they can actually type, write, and grip things.  I love working with people and helping them.

When I am done with my appointments.  I get home again, and I start letting my mind go and then that is when I write.  I write in between, typing things on my boys computers for them, or fixing them food, no not their meals just snacks.  I have this lovely man that fixes dinners.  My husband.  He is awesome in my busy, busy life.  He encourages all my daily activities and he cooks.  I hate cooking.  Really I do.  I have no love for it.  I am not creative that way.

Now my husband, he is the best cook alive.  At least I think he is.  He has changed my mind about so many different foods that I thought I hated and it really shows on my waistline.  And yes I do blame him for my waistline.  HAHA.

While I work my kids come to me a least a million times a night (I exaggerate) but a lot.  I do get things down though.  We eat dinner and then I finish up all my appointment paperwork get it ready to go out the next day. I put the kiddo's down at 9:30 for bed.  That does not mean they go to bed, but it is the beginning of the hour or so long battle until they fall asleep.  I then take my time around 10:30 and write for a steady hour or two.

After writing I take a shower and then pull my husband to bed at about midnight.  We read for an or whatever and that is my day.  Weekends are much the same.  Except I do not go to school.  And somewhere in there I breath.

Here is something everyone can use.  Whether you have insurance or not.  Just compare and pick the lower price.  Print out and use.  Easy as that.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Lisa Morgan - A good friend.

I am doing this personal promotion blog for a great friend.  She has helped me through a lot in this lovely process called publishing.  I consider her tops in my book and she is also an awesome author.

Wink, Wink, she does not know I posting this.  So surprise and give her a heads up and tell her how awesome she is.  Tell I sent you.

Lisa C. Morgan - Author (Facebook)

The Final Phoenix - Website

Phoenix Burning

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thunderstorm by JM Schroder

First post on New Blog

I am now entering the world of blogs.  I am not sure where it will go but I will work on it daily if I can.

I will be adding book reviews.  Up and coming books.  I may even toot my own horn on occasion.  I will give you insight to my thought process and maybe even some great teaser.

My punctuation may not always be spot on and my spelling will be off and I apologize in my first post.  So forgive me now and prepare to have some fun.

I will be introducing and inviting many to my blog.  Hopefully over the next year it will grow.

Prepare to have fun.