Sunday, May 18, 2014

COVER REVEAL - - Bare Essentials - A Dirt Roads Novel

Available  JUNE 1st
Here are some teasers for your pleasure :)
"You didn't let me finish." Sensual assertiveness steamed from his pores, encapsulating her in a masculine sauna of intense promise as his low growl pulsed in her ear. "I wasn't expecting such an incredible woman to want such an imperfect man."
He was the kind of trouble she steered clear of. But damn, trouble never looked so good. He was sin and she wanted to taste.

He could melt the clothes off an ice princess.

She was Superman to his kryptonite. Good to his bad. She was a tall stick of dynamite packed inside a tiny firecracker and he wanted to light the fuse.

Eyes, like pools of hunger, pierced so intensely he was sure she could see the heart of his soul bleeding out, begging for her to heal him.

She was an inferno he couldn't douse, a tornado he couldn't outrun.

The tip of his tongue tickled her neck as he licked the skin above her pounding vein. "I don't do relationships."
"I didn't ask for one."
"But you make me want one."

And here is one more before I let you go: 

She'd gotten under his skin and no one else could cure that itch except her.
He thought he didn't need saving, but she'd casually walked into the center of his storm and rescued him.
He commanded her like she was his guitar, his instrument of passion. And he knew precisely when and how to pluck each string and strum each chord to make her body sing along in perfect harmony.
"Like how every night since meeting you, my dreams have been haunted by these lips. How I want to touch every silky inch of your skin." His fingers moved to her breasts. "How I want to compose a song on your flesh and turn your body into sheet music."
Now that you had your tease go over and check out this amazing author and give her page some lovin'  and here is the lovely little link:  M. L. Stephens

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