Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day in my busy, busy life.

Day in my life.  Well my days starts at usually 5:30 a.m.  Not during vacation time but normal every other day.  I wake, get ready for the day.  Well that basically starts out making myself my very own Raspberry Mocha Breve.  Yes a carry over to the book if you have read it.  LOL.  Then I head out for school.

School you say, how old are you anyway.  Well I am 40, just turned.  Wow that is amazing I can't believe I am actually 40.  I always thought that was so old.  But it does not feel like it. As I drink my delicious coffee, I brush hair, which actually I can't stand, I wish I could cut is short again.  But I just happened to make an agreement with my husband to grow it out.  I get it to my waist I can cut it off.  I have 6 more inches.  So I have forever to go.  I apply very little make and then it is time to head out.  Not much in my preparation to get out of the house.

I jump into my 74' VW Bug. Which I love.  She is a beautiful yellow and purple.  One of a kind lady.  She rumbles to life, well most of the time.  She is sometimes temperamental and it takes a couple of tries, but she is my baby.  (Secret...She will be in Drina's book.)  I drive the 25 miles to school, again with the school.  I am going to school to be court reporter.

Yes a court reporter, one of those interesting people that you see tapping away at this funny looking machine taking down everything that is said from anyone who talks in the court room.  But they do so much more.  You know the closed captioning you see on the TV during life broadcasts, well guess what that is a court reporter. Why you ask would you ever choose that?  Well the honest answer, because of the money, but also because it is a challenge.

I am at school from 7:30 to 12:30 everyday, Monday through Friday, I come home and then depending on appointments that I may have decides whether or not I write.  What appointments you ask?  Well I am a mobile notary.  A mobile notary is notary that meets or goes to peoples homes.  I am also certified to do loan signings, for home refinances and home purchases.  That is where most of my work comes in.  I do on average 3 to 4 a week.  Not many now since I am a full-time student, but enough to support my family.  Well not really but it gets us by.

If I am not taking those kind of appointments I take other type.  I help people (mostly seniors) acquire their  Durable Medical Equipment.  I help them to improve their quality life.  I don't sell the scooters, or bed, or oxygen.  What I help them with is knee braces that help them walk without pain.  They are therapeutic braces, not the painful ones.  Arthritic gloves that decrease the pain of their arthritis, so that they can actually type, write, and grip things.  I love working with people and helping them.

When I am done with my appointments.  I get home again, and I start letting my mind go and then that is when I write.  I write in between, typing things on my boys computers for them, or fixing them food, no not their meals just snacks.  I have this lovely man that fixes dinners.  My husband.  He is awesome in my busy, busy life.  He encourages all my daily activities and he cooks.  I hate cooking.  Really I do.  I have no love for it.  I am not creative that way.

Now my husband, he is the best cook alive.  At least I think he is.  He has changed my mind about so many different foods that I thought I hated and it really shows on my waistline.  And yes I do blame him for my waistline.  HAHA.

While I work my kids come to me a least a million times a night (I exaggerate) but a lot.  I do get things down though.  We eat dinner and then I finish up all my appointment paperwork get it ready to go out the next day. I put the kiddo's down at 9:30 for bed.  That does not mean they go to bed, but it is the beginning of the hour or so long battle until they fall asleep.  I then take my time around 10:30 and write for a steady hour or two.

After writing I take a shower and then pull my husband to bed at about midnight.  We read for an or whatever and that is my day.  Weekends are much the same.  Except I do not go to school.  And somewhere in there I breath.

Here is something everyone can use.  Whether you have insurance or not.  Just compare and pick the lower price.  Print out and use.  Easy as that.


  1. That is so cool! Before my accident made it where I couldn't sit up straight for long periods, I was going to Stenotype Institute to be a court reporter as well! I have always loved the English language and being a stickler for grammar and punctuation helped me immensely. What theory are you working with? Are they still teaching Phoenix theory? I got up to 140 wpm before I couldn't do it anymore. How far are you? This is so cool!

  2. I am at 100 wpm. I have a ways to go. Yes it is the Phoenix Theory. Thank you so much. I love it, it is very challenging but I enjoy every moment. I am struggling with test anxiety right now. I do great with read back. But as soon as they say test I choke. I do it with everyspeed. I get 90% but I miss a whole section. It sucks. I won't give up though. I am sorry you can't do it anymore. One of our teachers had to stop doing it professionally for that very reason.

  3. I miss it. Sometimes, I find myself still thinking in it -- like KWRO*EPB for "I don't know" -- it's weird... I didn't have a problem with tests. I had a problem with muscle memory.

  4. Muscle memory is good. I have started drinking calm tea before tests.